Climate Helpdesk​

Do you need support in implementing your Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), low emission development strategy (LEDS) or transparency requirements?

The Climate Helpdesk is available for you. The Climate Helpdesk is a global advisory network providing free of charge, rapid, high quality, short-term technical assistance for developing countries. It is a joint service offered by three global initiatives: NDC Support Cluster, LEDS GP and Partnership on Transparency in the Paris Agreement (PATPA) in cooperation with the NDC Partnership. The Secretariat of the Climate Helpdesk is hosted by the GIZ’s Support Project for the Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPA).

The Climate Helpdesk provides assistance supporting development on the following topics

Examples of assistance provided

Request Assitance

The Climate Helpdesk supports requests from developing countries, including those from government agencies and consultants, technical institutions and NGOs that are working directly with national governments to plan and implement their NDCs, LEDS or transparency systems.

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